Five Steps To Keep Your Skin Looking Younger For Longer

Slow Down Skin Aging

One of the negative aspects of aging is the effect the process has on skin.

The glowing, vibrant skin of the young is gradually lost as wrinkles and age spots emerge and skin becomes drier and looser.

Still, there are ways to slow the process and retain relatively healthy skin as the years pass.

Here are the five essential steps to follow.

1 – Avoid Sun Damage

Avoid Sun For Better Skin

The sun is no friend to the skin.

Ultraviolet light damages elastin, the protein that maintains firmness in the skin, thereby increasing development of wrinkles.

Sunlight also generates age spots and can cause skin cancer.

To minimize sun damage, wear sunscreen whenever exposed to the sun for more than a few minutes.

Reapply sunscreen periodically. Consider wearing a hat. Sun tanning must be particularly avoided.

2 – Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy Vegetables For Better Skin

Like the body as a whole, the health of the skin depends heavily upon diet.

To be at its best the skin requires plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

A good diet promotes the maintenance of a healthy weight. Gaining and losing weight stretches the skin, resulting in sagginess.

For a good diet, healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables should be emphasized, while consumption of sugar, processed foods, and junk foods is minimized.

3 – Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle Skin

Diet isn’t the only aspect of healthy living that benefits skin.

Sleeping well increases the production of collagen, the protein that forms an essential part of the skin’s structure.

Working out increases circulation to the skin.

Even minimizing stress plays a role, since stress and anxiety can cause skin breakouts.

Most important of all is to not smoke. Smoking damages collagen and elastin and reduce the supply of oxygen available to the skin.

4 – Hydrate Properly

Hydrate For Healthy Skin

Hydration is vital to skin health.

Dry skin looks bad on its own and fosters the development of wrinkles.

Plenty of moisture is required to maintain skin elasticity.

One element of increasing skin hydration is drinking plenty of water while limiting intake of alcohol (alcohol has a dehydrating effect).

Another key is to apply a quality moisturizer to the skin daily. Hydration creams and moisturizing face masks are also helpful.

5 – Clean And Exfoliate

Exfoliate Better Skin

Taking an active approach to skin care is wise.

Use a cleaner to remove makeup and dirt that blocks pores and promote acne.

Gentle treatment is the rule. Aggressive scrubbing does more harm than good, removing beneficial oils.

Exfoliating skin removes outer layers of dead skin, encouraging cellular turnover and stimulating production of collagen and elastin.

It is true that skin aging is inevitable. At the same time, much of what is commonly believed to be an inevitable part of skin aging is really the result of not following these five steps.

It is certainly possible to resist and slow the effects aging has on skin if a smart approach is taken!

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